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Our Story

The story of "the Bulaboy" is one of resilience and self-discovery that began from humble beginnings growing up in the Fiji Islands and evolved over time to become an official street clothing label established in San Francisco, California. The principles of the Bulaboy brand are deeply rooted in the history of the Fiji Islands held together by the "Vanua, Lotu, and Matanitu" in a way that advocates and fights for a unique race of people generally referred to as "Fijians" or "Fiji Islanders". Bulaboy currently operates from the United States at the moment and will be opening up in Suva early in the year 2022. Like and follow the Bulaboy page on our social media platforms to stay updated with our activities and events. Vinaka

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us via Facebook, Instagram, Email, or call us directly with your queries.
The Bulaboy Club 1002 Jennings Avenue, Apt. 205 Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Open Hours
Daily 10:00 AM — 7:00 PM